Memorandum Of Cooperation

Between the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) of Cyprus and the School of Modern Greek (SMG) of the University of Cyprus (UCΥ).

Interested parties

Nurses and Midwives who wish to obtain a Licence to Practice, whose Greek language is not their native language – even if they are able to speak Greek.

Date of Signing Memorandum of Cooperation

The Memorandum of Cooperation between the NMC and the SMG of the University of Cyprus was agreed on 21/10/2022.

Period of Validity of the Memorandum

From 01/01/2023 until the passing of a five-year period (01/01/2028).

Assessment Level

A2 Level of Greek language.

At this level, the candidate must be able to have the basic communication skills, i.e., be able to use the Greek language:

  • In oral and written speech (formal or informal) to meet daily communication needs, which require a simple and immediate exchange of information on familiar, routine or urgent matters, in a very simple way.
  • To understand sentences and expressions that appear frequently.
Exam structure

Written part (duration 30 minutes): Comprehension of 2 texts and filling in blank words in sentences.

Oral part (duration 15 minutes):

  1. general questions concerning the candidate
  2. Describing images in relation to the candidate’s professional field (general nursing, midwifery and psychiatric nursing) c) Assume roles in relation to the candidate’s professional field.
Application and evaluation process

There will be up to 3 assessments per year during the following periods:

  • Beginning of January – End of February
  • Beginning of May – End of June
  • Beginning of October – End of November

Those interested should fill in the corresponding application form (attached) and send it to the NMC via e-mail:

Requests should be sent at least 30 days before the assigned evaluation period.

Those interested will be informed by written letter from the NMC about the date, time and place of assessment, at least one week before the assessment.

The evaluation will be carried out by a three-member committee (two NMC members and one SMG teaching staff member).

Evaluation Results

The results will be outlined as Success or Failure. The results will be outlined as Success or Failure. Pass, is guaranteed with a score of 60% in each part of the exam (oral and written)

The interested parties will be informed by the NMC by letter about the result of their evaluation.

Those interested who have secured success in the assessment should submit the letter stating the result of the examination to the NMC, so that the Professional License can be issued.

Examination Cost

The cost per examination amounts to 75 euros.

The amount will be paid directly by the interested parties to the SMG account below. Bank of Cyprus

Bank of Cyprus
  • Acc.:
  • IBAN:
  • SWIFT:
  • Payment Details:
  • 357013-048-792
  • CY58 0020 0195 0000 3570 1304 8792
  • Please give details of payment (i.e Name – SMG)
Examinable content

Those interested can find out about the exam material for the A2 Greek language level at the links below:

A2 level material Sample exams

In addition, those who would like to optionally and for better preparation, have the possibility to follow a series of courses can search on the website of the SMG of the UCY which are announced.

For more information you can contact the SMG by email at or by phone at: +357 22895289 / +357 22892028. (Monday – Friday, 08:00 a.m. – 15:00 p.m.)