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Eligibility to apply for registration:

To be eligible for registration in the Registry of Nurses:

  1. Must be aged 21 or over.
  2. Citizen of the Republic of Cyprus or a spouse or child of a citizen of the Republic, who resides in Cyprus or a national of another Member–State.
  3. Hold a nursing diploma granted by the School of Nursing of the Ministry of Health or by the Department of Nursing of the School of Health Sciences of the Cyprus University of Technology or by universities whose curriculum is approved by the Council or holds one of the diplomas, certificates or other titles listed in Annex II or holds a diploma, certificate or other nursing qualification not listed in Annex II but which is in accordance with the conditions of Annex III, recognized by the Cyprus Council of Recognition of Higher Education Qualifications (KY.S.A.T.S.) and approved by the Council or covered by the provisions of article 8A.
  4. Be a person of good character (Confirmation through the submission of: 1) A certificate of clear Criminal Record or – in the case of a national of Member-State, a copy of a Criminal Record or a certificate or other equivalent document of their country of origin, – provided that three months have not passed since the date of their issuance. )
Who are not eligible to register:

Any individual who does not meet the criteria mentioned above.

Eligibility to apply for registration for third–country nationals: Criteria:

Regardless of the provisions of paragraph (b), subsection (1), the Council may, in exceptional cases, permit the registration in the Registry of Nurses of any person who, is a non– citizen of the Republic or spouse or child of a citizen of the Republic, who resides in Cyprus or are a national of another Member – State, meets the other conditions specified in subsection (1), for as long as the Council determines.

(7) Applying for registration in the Registry of Nurses by an EU national holding a degree, diploma or other certificate obtained in a third–country, the Council takes into account any recognition made by another Member–State of the abovementioned certificates, as well as their education and/ or their professional experience in another Member–State or in a third–country.

(7A) Applying for registration in the Registry of Nurses by a citizen of an EU Member–State holding a degree, diploma, or other certificate obtained in a third –country, the Council recognizes the abovementioned certificates, as long as the interested individual has a three–year period of professional experience, in the territory of the state, which recognized the title in question and if this professional experience is certified by the member state in question. The individuals ought to submit their educational syllabus (theory and practical training program).

Licence to practice profession

No individual shall practice nursing or midwifery unless they:

  • are registered nurse or a registered midwife, and practice the specific domain of nursing which are registered, as the case may be, and are equipped with a valid professional licence, or
  • a nursing student or midwifery student, as long as they practice nursing or midwifery, as the case may be, under the supervision of a registered nurse, or a registered midwife, respectively, in accordance with and during the execution of their educational programs of their attending school.


The Licence to Practice is renewed every four (4) years by submission of the relevant form with the corresponding certification documents to the Council.

Language Knowledge

In order to practice nursing or midwifery in the Republic, is required to have a basic knowledge of the Greek language.

The Council proceed to the conduct of one-to-one interviews to determine the degree of knowledge of the Greek language:

  • The evaluation is conducted in collaboration between the Nursing and Midwifery Council and the School of Modern Greek of the University of Cyprus.
  • The interested Nurses and Midwives who intent to obtain a Licence to Practice – of whom the Greek language is not the mother tongue – even if they speak Greek. The assessment of knowledge is the A2 Level of the Greek language. Το επίπεδο αξιολόγησης είναι Ελληνική γλώσσας επιπέδου Α2.

* During the process of registration in the Registry and Issuance of Licence to Practice as well as the data storage, abide by the provisions of the Protection of Natural Persons against the processing of Personal Data and the Free Circulation of such Data Law of 2018, Law 125 (I) of 2018.


Important notes regarding CCPS:

Called Certificate of Current Professional Status (CCPS) and is the validation of registration in the Cypriot Registry.

It is issued for individuals who wish to obtain registration and recognition in another Member–State of the EU.

All the registered Nurses / Midwives are eligible to acquire

  • Individuals who have Licence to Practice and Registration in the Registry.
  • Individuals who only have Registration in the Registry.